Different solutions of getting max prime in the given range

| Dec 07, 2014 | Algorithm Python

Challenged again and again by the interviewers since my poor solution of algorithm >_<. here I am coding out the solutions of getting max prime in the given range.

Support functions

Import modules, implemented timeit function:

    import time
    import math

    def timeit(method):
        def calculate(*args, **kwargs):
            print 'Start running function %s' % method.__name__
            start = time.time()
            result = method(*args, **kwargs)
            end = time.time()
            print 'End and cost %f' % (end-start)
            return result
        return calculate

Solution 1: Record the history primes(sacrificing space for performance)


    RANGE = 1000

    def record_history_prime(length):
          if length < 2:
              return None

          history = [2]
          if length == 2:
              return history

          for i in xrange(3, length):
               if _is_prime(history, i):
          return history[-1]

    def _is_prime(history, num):
          for i in history:
              if num % i == 0:
                  return False
          for i in xrange(history[-1]+1, int(math.sqrt(num))):
              if num % i == 0:
                  return False
          return True

    if __name__ == "__main__":
        primes = record_history_prime(RANGE)
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